I believe that every message needs the right visual to communicate its purpose. Design is simply a bridge between information and understanding. I find especially digital design the most exciting, fast-moving, and essential part of the industry right now.

I create websites, brand identities, stories, packaging, cute hippo illustrations, and experiences for human beings and their aspirations. The way I explain it to my family is, “I make things look pretty.” While this is valid, my process is much more extensive, but I try to keep the experience as simple and seamless as possible.

For the most part, I work solo, but if your project requires extra hands I have a network of reliable talented people I can call on.

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Design and development are both creative pursuits, and in digital world, one couldn’t exist without the other. I find joy in development by bringing design to life, which is why I wouldn’t classify myself as a ‘hardcore developer’ but instead one that can connect two ways of thinking.

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Branding is incorporating all the steps that you take to build awareness and reputation around your company. Once you have complete clarity on your purpose, core values, and brand voice, you can cultivate a powerful message that gets to the heart of what your ideal client needs.

To build successful brand identity is not just logo design, it’s the experience you create for your audience. Once the logo is designed I usually spiral out from thereon to build the rest of the brand items including marketing and stationery material to represent the same look and feel.

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Well done for creating that product, preparing that seminar, organizing that conference… Let’s give it a nice wrap! The right design for the hard work and time you have put in.

Brochures, presentations, posters, banners, book covers, brand books, packaging designs, your personal resume, vouchers,… Anything you could think of. My dream is to design a nature-focused book (or a chocolate bar label :D) – do you have something like this for me?

My work competency ranges from the most intricate visuals to very simplistic designs in line with the requirements of the narrative or the idea to be presented. I aim to present your stories with the highest aesthetic and functionality while generating powerful representations.
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The golden rule of marketing is “get people where they already are” and social media provides you exactly this opportunity to connect with your audience, deliver your messaging and convert that audience into customers.

With a solid social media strategy you will be easily recognizable to your perfect client and ultimately drive more success and attention toward your brand.

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Do you want something special and you think I would be the right one? Get in touch with me and let's talk.